Farewell to the Oxford Street Pink Boat

Tonight, the pink boat was taken from Oxford Circus in London.

Protesters were kettled by police for most of the day without access to water.

The boat is being towed away at this moment and the people are singing a song of mourning.

Hundreds of police follow the boat on foot in silence as a funeral procession. The atmosphere is peaceful.

Rest in peace boat. May you float again. Somewhere.

That may mean nothing to you. For five days protesters have gathered in London, being amazing in an effort to get the UK government to tell the truth about climate change and to act now according to the truth. I wish I could have been there but that would have been impossible for me.

The protests will continue without a boat. Tomorrow, here in Newcastle, we gather as the local Extinction Rebellion group to make art, make placards, be together, and make more plans for standing here in solidarity with our world.

Last night, as Parliament Square was taken by police for the second time, before being reclaimed by protesters for the second time, the final arrest in the clearance was of the nominal leader – as much as there are leaders in this movement – of the Durham Extinction Rebellion Group. She was dressed as a dodo and was just one of many hundreds of people arrested in London this week. I am proud of her and proud of every one of them to be prepared to face arrest in their desperation for our world. I am proud too of the many thousands who have been a part of everything that’s happened.

The crowd sits in the London street tonight. Sings. Mourns for the boat. Rejoices in love. And continues to be determined to see the changes that we need to see if climate change is not going to be catastrophic. I love and respect every one of them.

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