Sunny Day In Paradise – A poem

A quick poem for today.  It has 14 lines in a 4-4-4-2 format.  It could be a sonnet.  If it was iambic pentameter.  If it rhymed properly.  It’s not a sonnet.  Just a few lines typed at leisure into a Facebook update while distracted from finishing writing an email.  I’ve been distracted from that email by quite a few things – including volunteering to speak somewhere having been asked when I was going to speak there again.  The last time I spoke at that event was a year ago.  It’s about time I spoke there again.  It’s also time I sent the email.  It’s important.

Just Another Sunny Day In Paradise

A woman screams into her phone from the street.
Another relationship barefoot on barnacle rocks
Crab bitten toes, legs brushed through jellyfish.
Silence, her world and mine linked only by tangents.

Sweet smell of weed drifts through open windows.
I cough, intellectually irritated by untranquil scents.
A fortress home fragranced, my chosen incense smothered.
I could indulge restfulness. Pretend it’s merely medicine.

Cook up a batch of the finest cookies to cool my nights.
It’s only hypothetical. These autistically inadequate
Hands can’t heat soup, let alone create cannabis crumbles
And this mind is already best mates with drug dependency.

I lost my song. Can only listen behind sun shield shutters
To difficult harmonies sung behind these poor walls.


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