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This is a place for stories, poetry, and experiences


My name is Clare.  I’m a writer from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

This site contains a selection of my writing.  It includes short stories, poetry, opinion pieces, and memoir.

Please click on the “Writing” button above to see what I’ve been posting recently.

A little about me.  I love books, creativity, am some kind of secular humanist but with a deep interest in religion and spirituality.  I attend writing groups, sing in choirs, and recently joined an art studio where I find myself on the steering group for a heritage project.  I’m autistic and have a range of mental health conditions.  I’m a transgender woman.  And I love to be outdoors exploring this fabulous city and the surrounding area.  My writing inevitably reflects these aspects and interests but my fiction can take to places I can’t imagine before they hit the page. You’ll learn more about me from posts here when they are published.  You’ll learn about my love of Byker, my hatred of prejudice, and that on occasion my mind heads into dark territory.  Warning: Here be monsters.  I’ll try to avoid cliché whenever possible.  I won’t always succeed.

Send me a message if you like.  Comment on posts or send an email and let me know who you are.  I’d love to know who actually reads my writing.  Someone from Nepal read a poem here today.  That’s amazing but how did a Nepalese person stumble across my little blog?

If you want to see more of my writing you can.

I kept a blog at The Autistic Writer.  It contains nearly 400 posts.  I’ll be moving some of the best of the writing to this site.  There is also a blog at The Happy Adventures of Blob Thing which contains more than 100 posts about some of the adventures and experiences of my soft toy, Blob Thing.  Both blogs also contain a large number of photos of people and places.

I also have two instagram accounts.  One for myself.  The other for Blob Thing and his sister Winefride.


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